Thursday, October 30, 2008

Matra MS-5 from a Renault Alpine 310 F3

The following picture depicts the original Renault Alpine 310 F3 model from Solido ref. 142 . This allows to see how it looked like prior to be modified.
Four areas had to be modified to represent the Matra MS 5 that raced in the mid 60's, they are:
1 – The air inlet front of the windshield did not exist, it had to be created
2 – The shape of the rear cowling is squared instead of in two levels
3 – The rear end is open with a view of the gearbox and rear bulkhead
4 – The air inlet to the carburetors is in the left not in the right hand side
The following pictures depict the steps that were incurred to reach the final result,
After the mods it is no longer the Renault Alpine 310 F3 but instead it is the version of the Matra MS 5 that raced in the 1966 F1/F2 German GP driven by J.P. Beltoise 8thOA 1stF2

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