Friday, October 31, 2008

Chaparral 2A from a Chaparral 2B

First it is important to note that the Autoart 66596 version of the Chaparral is a 2B, as the 2A with a full set of vents in the front and in the rear plus the 3 front grid openings and the duct to cool the driver is identified as the 2B. The Autoart 66596 represents the Gr.: S+5.0 car #66, winner of the 1964 Nassau Speed Week with Roger Penske driving for team "Chaparral Cars Inc." and he did the 25laps in 1h 07m 25.12s
The following pictures depict next to the modified model the original Autoart 66596 to see how it looked like prior to be modified. To note that this version of the Chaparral 2A has no vents in the front and in the rear, less front openings (1 vs. 3), no duct to cool the driver and a smaller rear spoiler.
This is the modified Autoart 66596 that now represents the s/n: 2A -002 that won the GP of Canada at Mosport in 1965 with Jim Hall driving. The team was “Chaparral Cars Inc.” and he did the 100 laps at an average speed of 163 km/h.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Matra MS-5 from a Renault Alpine 310 F3

The following picture depicts the original Renault Alpine 310 F3 model from Solido ref. 142 . This allows to see how it looked like prior to be modified.
Four areas had to be modified to represent the Matra MS 5 that raced in the mid 60's, they are:
1 – The air inlet front of the windshield did not exist, it had to be created
2 – The shape of the rear cowling is squared instead of in two levels
3 – The rear end is open with a view of the gearbox and rear bulkhead
4 – The air inlet to the carburetors is in the left not in the right hand side
The following pictures depict the steps that were incurred to reach the final result,
After the mods it is no longer the Renault Alpine 310 F3 but instead it is the version of the Matra MS 5 that raced in the 1966 F1/F2 German GP driven by J.P. Beltoise 8thOA 1stF2

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chaparral 2D Sebring 1967 from a Chaparral 2D Nurburgring

The following pictures depict the original Minichamps 436 661407 model. This allows to see how it looked like prior to be modified.
Most of the changes concentrated on the rear cowling, but also the front end was extensively modified.
After the mods it is no longer the model of the 1966 Nurburgring winner but instead represents the last race of a 2D (Sebring'67) after the incorporation of a 7 Lts engine. Two Chaparral 2D were built but only one was converted to a 7 Lts engine.
1967; s/n: 2D-001; 1967 Sebring 12 hrs Gr.P+2.0 Team Chaparral Cars Inc with Bruce Jennings and Bob Johnson did not finished due to ignition failure at the 128th lap (winner did 238 laps) ended classified in 41st position OA.
engine is a Chevy-V8cyl dohc 6998cc 525hp at 6000 rpm 3 speeds automatic gearbox 781kg.
Next, you can see pictures of the final result.
Changes included:
In the front: 1 - Cut the front just below the edge as the intake is much bigger due to cooling requirements for such bigger engine. 2 - Make (using aluminium sheet metal) the lower end of the radiator intake as well as the 2 intakes to cool the front brakes and paint it black. 3 - Add 2 air deflectors in front of the front fenders. 4 - Close the 2 openings in the front used for the 3rd and 4th headlights. Cover the headlights with white decal. 5 - Remove the periscope mirror.
Under the hood: 1 - Reroute (widening) the 2 exhaust pipes and mufflers. 2 - Add the oil tank and the pipe with cover all the way up to the opening in the wood. 3 - Add in the left side a transmission oil tank.
In the rear: 1 - Open top of the left rear fender. 2 - Increase the inlet and open the top in the right rear fender. 3 - Open round hole to access the oil refill pipe. 4 - Install air deflector all across the rear edge. 5 - Open holes to pass exhaust pipes. 6 - Make (using aluminium sheet metal) the rectangular box to suck the air from the engine compartment. 7 - Relocate the inboard rear lights under the outboard ones. 8 - Paint the central rear area black and remove the licence plate.