Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chaparral McLaren M-12 built from a McLaren M8B

The following picture depict the original Solido 176 model, a McLaren M8B. This allows to see how it looked like prior of being modified.
To note that the resulting model has a different front end including the radiator inlet and exit also has a NACA inlet in the RHS. The front wheel side panels are not as open. The cockpit is also not as open. The engine top is of a different layout and the rear end is quite different.
The following pictures depict the steps that were incurred to reach the final result

After the mods it is no longer the Can-Am version of the McLaren M8B of Bruce McLaren but instead it is the version of the #7 Chaparral-McLaren M12 that raced in the 1969 Watkins Glen driven by John Surtees classifying 12th overall 9 laps behind the winner. This car was a McLaren sold to customers in 1969, the M12, was an M6B chassis with an M8A body. One of those customers was Jim Hall's Chaparral team. Their own 2H racer wasn't quite ready for the season so they bought an M12 to use in the interim. Chaparral heavily modified the rear bodywork (altered rear spoiler and moved air intakes on sides) and later Jim added their usual high rear wing.
Next, you can see pictures of the final result.

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