Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ferrari 612 Can-Am

This Ferrari 612 Can-Am made by Mebetoys Ref. 6601 depicted here looks more like a toy than a 1/43 model.
This Ferrari 612 Can-Am went then through a process of getting it closer to the real thing that included: Filing the front opening as the lower lip was too thick, adding the struts from the wing down to the rear of the engine and still allowing the rear cowling to open and a new set of wheels. Now it is a decent 1/43 representation of the car s/n: 0866 that raced at Stardust-Las Vegas in 1968 #23 with Chris Amon, the car dnf, it lasted only one lap because the injectors clogged due to sand contamination.

It still opens the doors, the rear cowling and the front aerodynamic spoiler.

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