Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Porsche 917/10 normally aspirated from a 917/10 TC

This Porsche 917/10 normally aspirated modified by me was originally made by Solido with Ref. 18 as a Porsche 917/10 turbo charged that raced at the 1972 Laguna Seca #7 with George Follmer Team: Penske 1st OA. The original Solido model is depicted next:
To convert it to the model that raced at the 1971 Road America I had to remove the rear wing, open the central part of the rear cowling showing the top of the engine and instal a small deflector at rear end of the cowling, also install rear braces for the roll cage, instal a small deflector in the front and modify the front fenders.
But the first thing to do is to do the cuts and the filling:
The next thing to do is to fill-up the front fenders and the top rear end of the rear cowling plus file the excess epoxy:
The next thing to do is to paint it:
Then the final result is the car, Porsche 917/10 normally aspirated s/n: 917/10-002 that raced at the 1971 Road America with #20, driven by Jo Siffert Team: STP / Porsche-Audi / Marlboro 2nd OA
Engine was, Flat 12cyl DOHC 4998 cc 630 hp at 8300 rpm 425 at 6400 rpm compression ratio=10.5:1 Bosch F.I. 4 speed gearbox 743 kg.

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