Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ferrari 512S Spyder CanAm made from a Ferrari 512 S berlinetta

This Ferrari 512S Spyder CanAm modified by me was originally made by Brumm with Ref. R200 as a Ferrari 512S berlinetta that raced at Daytona in 1970 with #28. The original Brumm model is depicted next:
First step, remove all non metalic parts,
Second step, cut the roof and the rear vertical air straitners,
Third step, Remove paint and reshape the rear end below the aileron including cutting wide the low opening,
Fourth step, fill-up the rear top opening, install the new vertical air straiteners and extend the right and left rear ailerons, also install the new engine cover with an opening for the periscope ram air intake. At this time the ram air intake, the rear exhausts are painted and the top shape for the rear layout is also cut.
Fifth step, fill-up with epoxy all 3 headlight sills, the top of the rear cowling, the engine cover and the 2 air exit ducts from the engine compartment,
Sixth step, remove all the excess epoxy and polish all the metal parts plus remove all metal moulding joints,
Seveth step, install the rear side mirrors and paint the model with primer,
Eighth step, paint it red,
Now, next is the final resulting model representing the Ferrari 512S Spyder s/n: 1006 that raced at the 1970 CanAm Mid Ohio with #20 Team NART driven by Pedro Rodriguez dnf (engine failure) did 70/80 laps being 11th OA, Grid: 5th (1:30.400).
Engine: V12cyl. dohc 4994 cc, 4vpc, 550 hp at 8500 rpm, 371 ft.lb at 5500 rpm, 340 km/h, 5sp gearbox, 880 kg, 25 built (total of 512’s).

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