Friday, November 9, 2012

Ford Mirage M3/300

This Ford Mirage M3/300 was modified by me as the original Polistil with Ref.: E15 was a very crude representation of the real car.
The modifications included, replacing the black plastic of the headlights for a proper sill with headlights. Also replace all the plastic front bottom end by similar shape with epoxy and install bigger metal side air deflectors. Make the side air ducts for the entry to the side radiators as the original were simply big holes with no duct and finally replace the crude original wheels.
After the filing, polishing, painting and adding the decals, the final result is the Ford Mirage M3/300 s/n: 002/301 (made by John Wyer) that won the 1969 Imola 500 with #4 driven by J. Ickx with an average speed of 150.5 km/h, Grid=1st .

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