Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ford Mirage M2 built from a Ford Mirage M3/300

This Ford Mirage M3/300 was modified by me from the original Politoys with Ref.: E15 was used as the basis for building a Ford Mirage M2, but as this car was a closed version instead of a spyder (M3/300) then the roof and the windshield of a Ferrari 512 M was used.
The modifications started by cutting the roof, the windshield outline and the back cowling shape for the rear window from the Ferrari 512 M. Next cut and file the roof as required, to fit the bottom shape of the Ferrari roof to the top of the Mirage M3 and remove the imperfections of the casting.
Next was to remove the paint, fit the top to the body and remove the imperfections of the casting.
Next was to fit the top to the main body, fill with epoxy where required, install headlights and wheels.
The other modifications included, opening the sills for the headlights and add headlights. Make the side air ducts for the entry to the side radiators because the originals were simply big holes with no duct and finally replace the crude original wheels.
After painting and adding the decals, the final result is the Ford Mirage M2 s/n: 02 (built by John Wyer) that raced at the 1969 Nürburgring 1000km (the only race that the M2 used a Ford engine all others were with a BRM engine) with #8 pilots being J. Ickx and Jackie Oliver dnf - retired due to a front wishbone failure; Grid=8th (8:24.100)
Ford Cosworth DFV-V8 dohc 4vpc 2993cc .

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